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Packets and handouts

Print impressive packets and handouts for your corporate events and have these delivered to your preferred destination. Choose from several binding and finishing options, such as traditional stitching, bookbinding, wires or staples.

Charts and Boards

Impactful presentations start with high-quality print jobs. Get your message across with our top-notch printing services. We accept individual printing and copy-scanning requests, and we’ll mount the finished product on a foam core board or canvas.

Graphic Presentations (Full Color)

Make a lasting impression with colorful graphics. Choose from a wide range of printing surfaces, from paper to canvases and tarpaulins.

General Purpose Projects

Ask our specialists for a quote for reproducing documents for general purpose projects, such as contracts and research papers. Let us know your specifications and we will create a custom package for you that’s light on the budget.


Increase the success rate of each proposal by making sure they are printed in premium, rich ink as well as presented in the best packaging possible.

Graphic Presentations (Full Color)

Wow new clients with vibrant, eye-catching presentations, billboards, posters, flyers and other similar promotional materials. We are recognized for the best print jobs in the area.

Single & Double sided printing

We offer single and duplex printing for handouts, newsletters, books, flyers and brochures. Ask our friendly consultants to help create the best custom package for your budget.

Packets and handouts

Distribute professionally-made packets and handouts to your event attendees and make them feel that they got more than what they paid for. We handle mass printing jobs at a favorable cost.

Corporate Stationary

Harmonize the look and feel of all your brand materials with our corporate stationery printing services. We can print your logo design on notepads, brochures, folders, ballpens, and other types of office supplies.


Copy, scan and print insurance claims and related expense records and documents without interrupting your workflow. Hire our 24/7 specialists to go to your office and take these tasks off your hands.

Premium Assesment

Scan, copy and print premium assessment policies safely with the help of our specialists. Our binding options vary from traditional binding methods like saddle stitching to trendy bookbinding techniques.

General Records

Remove clutter from your work environment. We’ll help you scan and convert your paperwork into digital files such as Word docs and PDFs so you can save office space.

Fraud Division

Scan, copy and save records for your investigations using our secure file conversion and migration platform. Schedule an appointment and we’ll send our 24/7 specialist to your location.

General Purpose Projects

Maintain a clear documentation of your multi-purpose projects for auditing purposes. We’ll scan your contracts in a secure environment and migrate them into your record management software.

Tax and Legal Documents

Create copies of your IRS filings, financial statements and legal documents securely through the help of our mobile scanning representatives.

Employee Documents and Records

Share and collaborate with team members easily by moving your records online. We will bring our mobile scanning equipment to your office and convert the documents into digital files that you can store in the cloud.


Scan, copy, print and save payroll data without the usual inconvenience. Our mobile document scanning specialist will go to your office to take over the task.


Get scripts photocopied, scanned or converted into different file types, such as Word and PDF. Individual folders, envelopes and binding options, such as traditional 2-hole script binding, bookbinding and saddlestitching, are available – just ask our staff about our selection of finishing services.

Video conversion and digitization

Salvage old films or video clips from your archives and turn them into modern, high-resolution films, such as .movs and .mp4, that can be enjoyed on multiple devices. We can also burn these files into CDs and DVDs, and provide the inlays, based on your design.

Audio Visual Duplication

Copy, edit and convert audio and video files easily into new multimedia formats that are compatible with your player using our proprietary software. Our 24/7 specialist can do everything for you at an affordable price.

Medical Scanning Services

Increase Office Productivity and Boost Revenues by Outsourcing to the Best Legal Document Management Service in Los Angeles

Our Services

Document Scanning Services Los Angeles

Convert your paper documents into multiple formats, such as .jpeg and .pdf that you can save in your database for easy access and sharing with colleagues. Each document we reproduce for your records is saved in high, photo quality format so that no small details are missed.

Working on Printing Machine

Print any document and any format. Whether your file is on a thumb drive, in the cloud, on an external hard drive, or a good old fashion CD,  we have the right solution for you.

Printing Services

Get fast turnaround on the high volume copies you need. Choose black and white or full color.  Need binding? Select from a variety of different binding types (e.g. saddle stitching, perfect binding, case binding, etc.). Get thousands of copies conveniently delivered to your door in no time flat. 

3d dossier

Getting tailored trial binders has never been easier. With our convenient mobile service, you simply provide us with any hard copy or digital document with your requirements, and we’ll deliver it to your location. Choose how you want your binders organized (eg. alphabetically, numerically) and customized (eg. tabs, slips, etc.). We’ve been in the industry for  over 18 years, and our experts can help you choose the best way to prepare your trial exhibit binders.  

Law Printing and Scanning

Remain visible to the courtroom with our high resolution exhibit boards. We’ll help you choose from a variety of foam core board sizes and finishes, so you can keep the jury’s attention all day long. And best of all we’ll deliver it to you.  

convert documents .jpeg .tiff. mp3 .pdf

We convert document files of every kind into any format. Whether its on a disk drive or on paper, we’ll convert documents into readable formats that are compatible with your software and devices. Waste no time and money with our 24-7 file conversion services.

Compact Disc

From tape transfers to DVD and CD reproduction and printing, we got you covered. We offer media duplication services to every industry including film companies, photographers and videography studios.

Abstract Business Kit

Need 1000 brochures, business cards, and flyers printed by the weekend? Don’t stress! Our mobile service delivers all your marketing materials directly to your location and at no additional cost. Let us know about your project, and we’ll be happy to help you with all your marketing material needs.

flyer design vector

Don’t get ripped off by on-line dealers. Go with a local company that can deliver to you in a pinch. We have over 18 years of creating all styles and sizes of business cards and brochures.

Books, Copy, Stationery

We deliver to your location 24/7


  • Letterheads
  • Folders
  • Cards
  • Envelopes

Mobile Document Services = Productive Employees

Four studies conducted by The University of Warwick[1] showed a 12 percent increase in productivity when employees are happy at work. Are your employees happy or are they bogged down by unnecessary office work? Free them of the burden of doing time-consuming, irrelevant tasks and paperwork by enlisting the help of our specialists.

Eliminating the humdrum tasks from your employees’ day-to-day workload can make a big difference in their level of productivity and satisfaction. Many things could go wrong when your employees are multitasking, and this is especially true in a fast-paced corporate environment.

Here are some of the risks other companies have exposed themselves to by leaving their copy and print taks to their employees:

  • Mistakes are common when employees are juggling multiple tasks, or are rushing to finish a minor task such as copying, scanning or file audits, to be able to move on to their main responsibilities. These little mistakes can cause extra time and money to address.
  • Letting employees handle scanning, copying and reproduction exposes them to possible sensitive information that’s not meant for their eyes.
  • Sensitive documents can be easily duplicated by disgruntled employees, thereby increasing your vulnerability to fraud.
  • Equipment malfunction could hamper your operations. Unfortunately, most employees are not knowledgeable on fixing scanning, copying and printing devices.
  • Overwhelming deadlines could lead to haphazard document copying. Scanning or file sharing can lead to lost or incomplete output.

A neutral, third-party service could help you prevent incidents the smart way. By using our services, not only are you able to take advantage of the skills of our document management specialists, but you’re also protecting yourself from costly, overlooked errors along the way.

18+ Years In The Copy and Scanning Business

Unlimited Copy Services has been in the document management industry for over 18 years.  We offer a wide range of professional scanning and copying services. We remain on the cutting edge of copying technology and uphold the highest standards in customer service. We understand that some documents need to be secure on-site and cannot be brought to our location. Get more done and save your gas money. Our professional document specialists will come to your office, any time of day to help you with your needs. Whether you’re on your break or trying to beat a deadline way past office hours: Our experienced representatives will bring our mobile scanning equipment to you, 24/7 per week, 365 days per year.

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